Qinfeng CF-SS series single-shaft shredder


In EPS polystyrene foam recycling systems or other types of foam plastic recycling processes, not every material requires compression. Some facilities only perform a few selected recycling steps, functioning as a node in the entire EPS recycling system. The subsequent reuse of EPS foam waste to some extent influences the equipment options in the recycling system, and the shredding process is a common option as one of the recycling nodes.

QINFENG’s CF-SS series single-shaft shredder is designed to meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries. This shredder can handle the recycling of large-size, high-density EPS foam packaging. And not limited to EPS foam packaging; it is suitable for plastic, paper, wood rubber, domestic waste recycling, etc. The crushed materials can be recycled directly or further refined according to specific needs. We provide diversified recycling methods to improve efficiency.


The EPS shredder is one of the nodes in the EPS recycling system. We can customize to meet the different needs of our customers. If the customer’s recycling equipment has limited types and cannot meet production needs, Qinfeng can provide assistance based on the overall situation. Including customized equipment size, assembly housing, engine, etc., to improve production efficiency by increasing power. Additionally, QINFENG’s EPS hydraulic foam compactor is a helpful assistant in the recycling system, and you can inquire for more details through the QINFENG official website.


Finally, the use of EPS pelletization is a well-known step in EPS recycling systems. Direct granulation of loose materials and compressed EPS granulation. Some factories engaged in EPS granulation may choose to purchase an EPS shredder. Then it is connected to the back-end granulation equipment to realize the granulation of loose materials. As a member of the environmentally friendly recycling companies, Qinfeng has high-quality products and can become one of your ideal and reliable choices.

Single Shaft Shredder Video

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