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CF-SS series single shaft shredder

The CF-SS series single shaft shredder is available to recycle wide range of material such as plastics, paper, wood, fiber, rubber, organic waste a wide variety of non metallic materials. After being shredded by the machine, the output material could be used directly or go into the next step of siz e reduction.

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Plastic film

Plastic Lumps




Light Metal

White goods

Solid Waste



Safety devices in line withEuropean CE Certification


Absorbs vibrations caused bythe shredding of the material.This protects the machine andits various parts from damage.


The hydraulic ram pushesmaterial against the rotor


Protective bearing covers toavoid foreign contaminationentering the bearing housingGrease points to release oil atintervals to increase servicelife.


Different screen size


Water cooled gearbox guardsagainst overloadingHardened teeth on the reducer.

High Performance Rotor

The rotor is our standard rotor,suitable for processing a wide range of materials at highspeed.Materials include plastics,wood,paper,fibre,cable,etc.

Hard Material Rotor

The rotor is designed specifically for processing hard materials such as ABS,PC,Nylon,etc.The blade holders are sub-set deeper into the shaft to reduce
the impact on theblades and shaft.

Film Rotor

The rotor is designed specifically for processing films.Sub-set block blades in the shaft prevent film from wrapping around the rotor and hardox surface on the rotor protects the shaft against abrasion from sand and dirt.

Single shaft shredder supporting unit:

Single shaft shredder with Granulator

Single shaft shredder with output conveyor/screw loader

Model CF-SS2260 CF-SS4080 CF-SS40100 CF-SS40120 CF-SS40150
Dimension L / W / H (mm) 1780×1350×1754 2825×1747×1875 2825×2004×1875 2825×2564×1875 2825×2964×1935
Crushing chamber size C / D (mm) 857×602 1410×800 1410×1000 1410×1200 1410×1500
Outlet height E (mm) 546 500 500 500 500
Blade rotation diameter (mm) φ224.7 φ390.9 φ390.3 φ390.3 φ390.3
Spindle speed (r / min) 83 74 74 74 74
Screen aperture (mm) φ25 φ40 φ40 φ40 φ40
Number of moving knives (pcs) 28+4 42+4 54+4 66+4 90+4
Number of fixed knives (pcs) 2+2 2 2 2 2
Host power (kw) 22 37 45 55 75
Hydraulic motor power (kw) 2.2 2.2 2.2 5.5 5.5
Equipment weight (kg) 1400 3500 4000 5000 6200

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