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PS Foam Profile Frame Line:

Raw material preparation: Involves the preparation of raw materials such as polystyrene.
Extrusion processing: Utilize a single-screw foaming extruder with a special screw to ensure high foaming rate and extrusion stability.
Machine head foaming: Use a special machine head for even foaming.
Cooling and shaping: Pass the profile through the cooling and shaping water tank to ensure the stability of appearance and size.
Surface treatment: including surface heat transfer and surface embossing to enhance the decorative effect of the product.
Profile processing: Through profile pulling machines and profile cutting machines, the precise dimensions of the finished product are ensured.
Finished product packaging: Place the finished product on the finished product stacking rack and package it for transportation and sales.

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  • 1. Extruder
  • 2. Cooling Water Tank
  • 3. Tractor
  • 4. Cutting Machine
  • 5. Bracket
  • 6. Bronzing Machine
PS Foam Profile Frame Line
Cooling Water Tank
Cutting Machine
Bronzing Machine

Equipment Features:

Extrusion equipment:
A single-screw extruder is used, with a slotted barrel and a special screw to ensure high foaming rate and stable extrusion process.
Extrusion Mold:
Special machine head design ensures uniform discharging, convenient adjustment and stable foaming.
Cooperate with the photoelectric control system to improve the dimensional stability and product accuracy of extruded profiles.
Cooling and Shaping Water Tank:
Made of stainless steel, it has the advantages of long life and beautiful appearance.
Traction and Cutting:
It adopts a belt-type traction machine with uniform pressing force and variable frequency stepless speed regulation to meet the requirements for traction stability.
The special 45-degree downward cutting method ensures a beautiful cutting surface without flash edges, and a high-precision encoder length measuring device ensures cutting accuracy.
Finished Product Stacking Rack:
Achieve cut-and-pack effect and save circulation costs.
Electrical Control System:
Multiple options: Provide a variety of electrical control systems, including PLC touch screen fully automated control systems, making the production process more flexible, faster, and the control simple and easy to operate.

Application Areas:

PS foam profile frame wire is not only suitable for home decoration, but also widely used in commercial buildings, hotels, galleries and other places to meet various decorative requirements.


Model PS65 PS80 PS90 PS100 PS120 PS150
Main extruder SJ65 SJ80 SJ90 SJ100 SJ120 SJ150
Auxiliary extruder SJ35 SJ35 SJ45 SJ45 SJ45 SJ65
Main extruder power 22Kw 30Kw 37Kw 45Kw 55Kw 75Kw
Average output (estimated) 30Kg/h 50kg/h 60kg/h 70kg/h 90kg/h 120kg/h
Main extruder heating power 14Kw 18Kw 22Kw 26Kw 30Kw 40Kw
Production speed 0.5m/min-7m/min
Water tank 6m 8m 10m 10m 12m 14m
Tractor power 2.2Kw 3Kw 3Kw 4Kw 5.5Kw 7.5Kw
Cutter Vertical cut Specialized
Stacker Length :3m
Hot stamping machine 4 sets 6sets 6 sets 8 sets 10 sets 12 sets
Embossing machine 2 sets 2 sets 2 sets 2 sets 2 sets 2 sets

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