QINFENG’s EPS Compactor: An Eco-Friendly Solution To EPS Waste

In the field of waste management, it is essential to find effective and environmentally friendly solutions. Qin Feng, the quality manufacturer in the industry, provides professional solutions. EPS compactor to solve the difficult recycling problems associated with expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste.


EPS, commonly known as expanded polystyrene foam, is a lightweight and widely used material for packaging, insulation, and various consumer goods.However, due to its non-biodegradable nature, improper disposal has led to ecological pollution and degradation.Traditional methods of handling EPS waste include landfilling and incineration, both of which have adverse environmental effects.

Qinfeng’s EPS Compactor provides a sustainable and efficient way to handle EPS foam plastic waste. This specialized technology significantly reduces the volume of EPS foam waste materials through compression and compacting. The compacted EPS blocks can be recycled to create various useful products, minimizing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.

Qinfeng CF-HM400 hot melt machine is mainly suitable for medium-sized recycling and processing centers, which can easily handle a large number of EPS waste foam. This machine is designed to handle a wide range of EPS materials. From packaging materials to large insulation panels, foam materials such as EPS, EPE, EPP(inverters should be selected) can be handled. It can reduce the volume of waste 80%-90%, and the output can reach 180-200kgh.

Additionally, the compaction process not only reduces the volume of EPS waste but also lowers the associated transportation costs.The compact EPS modules take up significantly less space, optimizing logistics and saving overall costs for businesses.

Apart from the environmental benefits, QINFENG’s EPS Compactor is designed with user-friendly features. It has simple operation, low maintenance requirements, and high energy efficiency, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking a hassle-free and sustainable solution for EPS waste management.


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