QINFENG Foam EPS Compactor Machine: A Solution for Recycled Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Foam compaction is instrumental in altering the natural expanded state of polystyrene foam, allowing for repeated use.


When filled with air, polystyrene becomes expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). This foam is a well-known material. Used in a variety of applications including foam cups, bowls, plates and custom shipping packaging for fragile items. Styrofoam is everywhere in our daily lives. Compared with other plastics, polystyrene has the advantages of low cost, heat resistance, and impact resistance, making it the preferred packaging material in various industries.

Research indicates that expanded polystyrene foam plastics occupy a significant share of the current plastic packaging market. When expanded polystyrene foam enters the natural environment, it can transform into polystyrene foam beads under the influence of severe weather conditions. Some of these beads may be mistaken for food by birds, mammals and even sea creatures. Animals that ingest these foam wastes die unnaturally. Additionally, polystyrene foam is not biodegradable. Long-term placement in the natural environment will cause environmental pollution and cause unknown damage to the ecological balance.


Therefore, recycling polystyrene and expanded polystyrene is crucial to ensuring proper disposal of all these foam plastic materials and preventing them from entering the natural environment and oceans.

Today, environmentally friendly methods of recycling expanded polystyrene foam are widely accepted by the public. Considering the unique expanded state performance of expanded polystyrene foam, which is often used as packaging and needs to have the air expelled from its expanded state before it can be reused, QINFENG’s foam EPS Compactor machine addresses the challenges of dealing with large volumes during the recycling process.

QINFENG Foam EPS Compactor Machine: A Solution for Recycled Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)-Hot Melter | Styrofoam Cold Compactor | Shredder | Pelletizer | Qinfeng Plastic Recycling Machine Production Line Equipment

Furthermore, one of the optimal ways to combat the pollution caused by expanded polystyrene foam is to utilize these materials. Using a EPS Compactor to compress the foam is a favorable choice for both upstream recyclers and downstream users. Selling these foam materials requires accumulating a certain volume for recycling. In this process, using a foam compaction machine is essential to reduce the volume of foam, saving storage space. QINFENG’s CF-HM400 EPS Hot Melter is suitable for large garbage recycling centers. The CF-HM400 EPS hot melter can process materials such as EPS, XPS, EPP, and EPE, with a production capacity of 150-200 kg/h. It can reduce waste volume by 80%-90%.

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