Qinfeng CF-HM400 EPS Compactor hot melt machine: holiday, offline activities, plastic waste disposal assistant

Research shows that during the holidays, especially around New Year’s. The amount of waste processed is significantly higher than at any other time of the year. For example, in the United States, the amount of garbage generated between the Thanksgiving and New Year holidays increases by about 25% compared to normal times. As a result, about 25 million pieces of garbage entered rivers, causing damage to the natural ecological environment. Plastic waste increases dramatically during the holidays. Most of them are the outer packaging of daily necessities that we often use. look. Cyclyx CEO Joe Vaillancourt has previously discussed recycling groups looking to scour kerbside bins for discarded plastic packaging during the festive season in the coming weeks.

In addition to holidays, large-scale events such as concerts, weddings, marathons, sports competitions, and outdoor picnics also generate peaks in plastic waste. These activities often generate small but significant amounts of plastic paper waste. Such as ribbons, colorful wrapping paper, plastic waste, etc. Unfortunately, due to crowded scenes and chaotic environments, people tend to choose the easiest way to dispose of this waste. Leave it unsorted and place it near the nearest visible trash can. Even if it is full or overloaded, or sometimes it is discarded on the spot without taking any plastic waste with it.

However, this situation is not insurmountable if people always prioritize waste sorting and regard it as their responsibility. Through reasonable classification of garbage, send EPS plastic waste to designated locations. Then using professional EPS compactors at specialized recycling points, the irregular-shaped expanded polystyrene can be made into regular shapes. It can not only facilitate transportation and storage, effectively reduce recycling costs, but also increase recycling rates.

QINFENG’s CF-HM400 EPS Compactor hot melt machine processes a substantial amount of materials, such as EPS, EPP, EPX, XPS, PUR, EVA plastic foam waste, into small hot-melt blocks.With a high production capacity of 180-200kg/h, this machine is suitable for recycling processing centers and can handle various foaming materials (optional inverter),reducing waste volume by 80%-90%.


By connecting recycling with production, customers can reduce capital expenditures and even create intuitive profits through secondary utilization. Good at using EPS Compactor hot melt machine polystyrene hot melt machine scientific recovery. Improve recovery efficiency, to achieve polystyrene recycling economy. Qin Feng looks forward to cooperating with you.

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