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CF-NHM400 EPS hot melting Machinery

In recent years, Recycling of waste plastic regeneration in the ascendant. The EPS’s Wide use in the packaging industry, but it is bulky and difficult to transport.With the tenet of reducing the pollution caused by waste plastic and improving human being’s living environments, with the difficulties of no

domestic standard and reference data and focusing on the diversity and specialty of waste plastics, Qinfeng Machinery developed the new style waste EPS melter compactor successfully and formed her own feature in the field of waste EPS recycling, after numerous and continuous tests and researches. In order to avoid the secondary pollution to the water and environments made by the recycling machines, Qinfeng Machinery organized research personnel again to solve this technical problem and realized the upgrade of the waste plastic recycling machines with the guiding ideology of reducing secondary pollution. This EPS melter  is High-performance, space saving, easy to transport the finished produce. The operation is pollution-free, can protect the environment, and avoid the secondary pollution. Complete reuse the waste plastic and create interest.

The EPS melter CF-NHM200 use two shaft crushing blades, two parallel blade shafts symmetrically fixed with blade ,the blade on the two blade shafts is dislocation arrangement, and the blade of each shaft is evenly arranged in the axis of the knife with arithmetic point of view in the same direction. The first blade and the last blade of each shaft has a 90°angle。
When the two shaft crushing blades are working,two parallel blade shafts with different rotation direction begin to rotate, form a wave down the grip, so that the material constant downward movement, after going through the cutting blade, and broken into smaller blocks of matter .

The two shaft crushing blades in the EPS hot melting machine can broke the EPS material into small blacks and go through the screen. The material that can’t go through the screen will be crushed again, and finally go through the screen. The material will be sent by the high speed rotary screw to the heating barrel. The screw of the main machine can convey and heat the material to melt condition, then extrude them into a cube mould ,when the mould if full of the melted material, the user can take it off and put it into the cool tub, and then the user put the new mould on the machine. The time of changing mould is controlled by a optoelectronic switch automatically. When you change the mould , the main screw of the machine will be stopped, and when you finish changing , the machine will start again.

This machine can process multiple materials such as EPS EPP EPS  XPS PUR EVA into small hot melted blocks. It is middle capacity one for 150-200kg/h, especially used in middle to large sized recycling center, food market.

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Model CF-NHM400
Screw diameter Φ200-120mm
Screw distance 2500mm
Capacity 80~120Kg/h
Screw speed 110mm
Capacity 150kg/h
Screen hole diameter 50mm
Extrusion center height 366mm
Motor power 22kw
Heating power 14kw
Crusher motor power 3+3+3+3kw
Crusher blades quantity 11+10+10+11sets
Crusher rotation speed 110mm
Size L×W×H 3400mm*1300mm*2600mm
EPS block density 800-1000kg/cbm
Weight 1800kg

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