EPS cold block compactor:variety of recycled material solutions – Qinfeng Hot melt machine

EPS cold block compactor:variety of recycled material solutions – Qinfeng Hot melt machine

Many environmental recycling factories categorize recycled materials into four main classes: glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard. Plastic is a broad term encompassing various types, including but not limited to EPP, EPS, XPS, EPE, PRU, and EVA. Among them, polystyrene foam plastic is 100% recyclable, but the recycling rates in many regions are not ideal.


There are various industries producing polystyrene foam waste. A large part of it comes from daily life, including furniture, household appliances, shopping mall exchange centers, warehouses, and medical waste facilities. For example, in the process of purchasing furniture or appliances. Improper size or defective goods may lead to waste polystyrene foam packaging. In the return and exchange process, these items reach exchange centers where professionals conduct quality checks. The dismantled polystyrene foam plastic packaging, not necessarily pristine white, is then discarded in large quantities.


To enhance the recycling of polystyrene foam plastic, QINFENG recommends employing additional recycling measures, such as the EPS Cold Block Compactor. The main function of the EPS Cold Block Compactor is to compress waste for subsequent recycling. Polystyrene foam plastic packaging is often filled with air, and its enormous volume is a major obstacle to efficient recycling. QINFENG’s CF-HM400 Hot Melter addresses this issue by reducing waste volume by 80%-90% through a customized recycling solution, including the use of a variable frequency drive. The CF-HM400 Hot Melter utilizes four-axis crushing blades evenly arranged in the same direction on each axis. When the machine starts working, two parallel blade shafts rotate in different directions, creating a controlled wave to turn EPS material into smaller, more manageable blocks. Through specialized techniques, the final compacted blocks become easier for storage and transportation.

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