Environmental Recycling Allies: EPS Compactor for Foam

In daily life, we often dispose of garbage in trash cans, which is a civilized way to achieve environmental protection. However, this theory no longer applies to modern garbage recycling. Traditionally, throwing garbage into trash cans is deemed correct, as it aids sanitation workers and positively impacts society, especially for metals, paper waste, and food leftovers placed in separate bins. However, foam plastic waste is not accepted in regular roadside bins. Many municipal recycling facilities, such as those in Blacksburg, Virginia, advise residents not to place polystyrene and other foam plastics in their home recycling bins.

Some who seek a shortcut or choose to burn believe. It is wrong that recycling styrofoam projects need government funding to avoid bankruptcy. In fact, the recycling of styrofoam is active throughout the United States. In particular, companies in the foam packaging manufacturing, cutting and furniture industries have no economic losses.

QINFENG’s EPS compactor, designed and manufactured for industries dealing with discarded EPS, EPS compactor effectively converts foam waste into reusable materials. By selling the recycled foam and repurchasing it as plastic pellets, these EPS blocks are transformed into profitable assets. Originally expanded EPS turns into rigid plastic, creating new plastic products.

QINFENG’s NHM-400 hot melt machine processes large quantities of materials, such as EPS, EPP, EPX, and XPS, into small molten blocks. With a moderate output of 150 kg/h, it boasts high performance, space-saving design, and easy transportability. Its pollution-free operation protects the environment, mitigating secondary pollution and achieving plastic waste reuse, leading to greater profits.

CF-NHM400 EPS Hot Melting Machinery

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