Winter Using compressed polystyrene foam-QINFENG‘s EPS Cold Compactor

Insulation panels are a commonly used material in the construction industry. These rigid foam sheets are formed by mixing polystyrene resin with other ingredients, injecting a catalyst, and then extruding it. They effectively enhance the thermal insulation properties of buildings. Often used to ensure that buildings maintain comfortable temperatures in winter and summer. However, in addition to traditional building materials, we can also consider compressed polystyrene foam as an alternative, which has almost the same insulation effect.


1 Introduction

Polystyrene foam plastic is a lightweight material with excellent insulation properties, suitable for various applications, including the construction sector. EPS cold compactor compressed increases its density, enhancing its thermal insulation performance. This compressed foam plastic can be an effective alternative to traditional insulation materials.


In some countries with cold winters, such as Russia, France, and Italy, homeless people often face huge survival challenges. Recently, a self-media video creator shared a touching video on the Internet. In the video, he purchased food and distributed it to homeless people who braved the heavy snow, and woke up some people sleeping outdoors to prevent them from freezing. In addition, he helped residents who were experiencing difficulties near the landfill.

In the video, the creator showcased a unique and practical method. He collected discarded foam plastic from the landfill and used a forklift to compress it. The final compressed foam plastic was then utilized to patch gaps and serve as an insulation layer for the resident’s small house. Although not aesthetically pleasing, it helped him survive the cold winter.

Subsequent tests indicated that the thermal insulation performance of recycled polystyrene foam plastic was nearly the same as that of new foam insulation materials, but at a fraction of the cost. Using a thick layer of compressed foam plastic for insulation can significantly reduce heating costs during the winter.


Qinfeng EPS cold compactor compressed can compress the same amount of foam plastic with lower energy consumption than using a forklift. It also saves raw material manufacturing and reduces manufacturing costs. and prevent Styrofoam waste from being buried in local landfills.

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