Waste Compression: QINFENG’s CF-CP250 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine

Waste Compression: QINFENG’s CF-CP250 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine

QINFENG Machinery introduces the CF-CP250, a cutting-edge compacting machine designed for middle-sized waste recycling centers.Qinfeng Machinery specializes in the production of EPS foam cold compression machine for processing various types of plastic waste. This machine, adept at processing EPS, EPP, and EPE materials, boasts an impressive pressing ratio of 1:30-1:50. Tailored for applications in middle-sized recycling centers and seafood markets, the CF-CP250 presents an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for waste compression.


Impressive Pressing Ratio:

At the core of the CF-CP250’s capabilities is its remarkable pressing ratio of 1:30-1:50. This feature ensures efficient compression of EPS, EPP, and EPE materials, reducing their volume significantly. The machine’s innovative design contributes to enhanced waste management practices.

Versatile Material Processing:

The CF-CP250 stands out for its ability to process a variety of materials, including packing boxes, containers, and foaming boxes. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset in recycling centers dealing with diverse waste streams. The machine’s adaptability ensures effective compression across multiple material types.

Applications in Middle-Sized Recycling Centers and Seafood Markets:

Tailored for middle-sized waste recycling centers and seafood markets, the CF-CP250 caters to environments with moderate waste volumes. Its ease of use, coupled with manual feeding to the hopper, makes it a practical choice for businesses seeking efficient waste compression solutions.

Hand-Friendly Material Feeding:

Feeding materials to the CF-CP250’s hopper is a user-friendly experience, allowing for easy manual input. This design choice enhances the machine’s accessibility and usability, streamlining the waste compression process.

Impressive 100kg/h Capacity:

With a substantial capacity of 100kg/h, the CF-CP250 combines efficiency with productivity. This high throughput ensures that waste can be processed rapidly, contributing to a more streamlined and effective waste management system.


Waste Compression: QINFENG's CF-CP250 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine

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