Practice ESG Concept To Reduce Energy Waste – Qinfeng‘s CF-CP150 EPS Compactor

The concept of ESG refers to environmental, social and governance factors. They assess companies’ performance in these areas.It has become an integral part of investment decisions. Help investors understand the sustainability of the company.

Companies that practice ESG principles not only meet the disclosure requirements of capital markets and regulators. It also promotes its own high-quality and sustainable development. As an effective tool for the environmental recycling industry, foam compactors provide a quick solution for implementing ESG concepts and reducing waste.

With increasing environmental awareness, many countries and companies are focusing on energy and environmental protection, particularly in industries like packaging. For instance, numerous retail stores across the United States are adopting ESG principles to achieve zero waste goals, with packaging waste recycling being a crucial avenue to reduce energy waste.

Often, in order to avoid the challenge of recycling polystyrene foam. Many companies have adopted a “quick and easy” low-cost method: incineration. However, because this practice produces harmful emissions, it poses risks to both the atmosphere and human health.

Qinfeng‘s CF-CP150 EPS Compactor

Data indicates that the packaging industry in the United States generates the most foam waste. Natural resources are not unlimited. So recycling waste and using it can save a lot of resources.Qin Feng Machinery’s EPS compactor effectively addresses the challenge of recycling polystyrene foam plastics. The Qinfeng CF-CP150 EPS Compactor is designed for small-scale recycling centers, supermarkets, grocery stores, and retail shops, compressing EPS, EPP, EPE foam materials, including small lunch boxes, cups, small packaging boxes, and polystyrene foam packaging, to improve the environment, odorless, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. With a total power of 6KW, it can produce 40-50kg/h.

epe material block


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