Recycling of inflatable foam composite dual-purpose life jacket vest – Qinfeng’s EPS compactor

As winter approaches, people are looking for warm vacation spots. The seaside has also become one of the destinations that many people yearn for. In the cold winter, it is a unique and pleasant experience to go to coastal areas with a summer-like climate, bathe in the sea breeze and listen to the sound of crashing waves. However, with the surge in the number of visitors to seaside resorts, the likelihood of accidents also increases. Therefore, coastal areas are always equipped with lifeboats, life jackets and other rescue tools. Moreover, the number of these items also increases, and the wear rate is also higher.

Industrial Sustainability QINFENG Machinery's Solutions For Foam Waste Recycling

Inflatable foam composite dual-purpose life jackets are common rescue equipment on riversides and seasides.. However, personal floatation devices (PFDs) immersed in seawater for extended periods are prone to wear and tear, requiring replacement. So, can the discarded EPS foam in the decommissioned inflatable foam composite dual-use life jackets be considered just waste? The answer is no. These recycled EPS materials can become part of new products and be added to many new plastic items.

Currently, a popular EPS recycling solution involves compressing discarded EPS foam using an EPS screw compactor (commonly known as an EPS cold compactor) and then pelletizing the compressed material. QINFENG’s EPS Cold compactor, through compression, reduces the original voluminous EPS to a ratio of 1:30-1:50. The compressed end product is EPS foam blocks with higher density, reaching up to 300kg/m3, significantly reducing the overall volume. This compression process not only facilitates subsequent recycling processes but also employs EPS screw compactor without the need for heating, further reducing energy consumption.

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