QINFENG’s EPS Foam Cold Compression Line

Today, foam plastics are rapidly increasing in the daily market. Despite the widespread use of foam plastics, there is a proactive search for sustainable solutions that align with ecological goals. The potential environmental impact of foam plastic waste is often underestimated, and the latent value of discarded foam is frequently overlooked. Effectively managing discarded foam plastic materials to achieve a win-win for the environment and ourselves has become a crucial issue.


Despite the improper disposal of foam plastic waste and its impact on the environment. But many places already have recycling programs in place.To ensure environmentally friendly recycling and proper disposal of foam materials, people can participate in these initiatives by using professional foam compaction machines. Ensuring waste foam is properly processed and recycled helps support sustainable recycling solutions. And reduce plastic waste sent to landfill. Landfilling foam plastic waste has immeasurable harm to the environment due to its non-degradability. At present, the damage caused by microplastics to soil is even more difficult to estimate.

Potential Value:

The value of foam plastic waste extends beyond environmental considerations. Reducing energy consumption in foam plastic production can lower greenhouse gas emissions, thus reducing the carbon footprint. Using foam compaction machines helps effectively recycle foam, saving raw materials and contributing to sustainable development and environmental preservation.

QINFENG’s EPS Foam Cold Compression Line:

Currently, the most common types of plastic film foam are EPS, EPE, EPP, etc. QINFENG’s EPS Foam Cold Compression Line reduces the size of materials such as EPS, EPE, PUR, EVA, achieving a compression ratio of 1:30-1:50. The final product is EPS blocks with a density of up to 300 kg/m3. Customers can easily transport EPS materials to another recycling processing unit, including conveyor belts, crushers, fan conveyors, material warehouse systems, and compaction machine components.

Innovating Compact Waste Compression: QINFENG's CF-CP150 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine


QINFENG’s EPS Foam Cold Compression Line provides a reliable solution for environmentally friendly recycling of foam plastic waste.

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