QINFENG’s EPS Compactor: Sustainable Foam Waste Management

There are various methods related to foam compression, including hydraulic, screw-driven, thermal, and hybrid compression. Additionally, numerous types of foam can be compressed, such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded polyethylene (EPE), expanded polypropylene (EPP), and more. QINFENG’s foam compactor utilizes hydraulic, thermal, and cold compression technologies, successfully compressing expanded polyethylene and expanded polystyrene. Especially noteworthy is its capability to effectively recycle the trending material—expanded polyethylene foam.

Plastics typically take more than 500 years to degrade, and foam plastic waste is no exception, posing environmental hazards. In the current era of heightened awareness towards sustainable practices and carbon footprints, increasing foam plastic waste recycling activities has become a societal norm to reduce resource wastage and environmental pollution.

The compound annual growth rate of the foam plastic market from 2018 to 2022 was 2.8%. While expanded polystyrene foam leads in market share, the growth trend of expanded polyethylene is equally impressive. There is a growing demand for recycling solutions for expanded polyethylene foam.

Qinfeng’s technology:

QINFENG’s CF-CP series foam EPS Compactor primarily employs cold compression technology, also known as screw extrusion technology. This series not only compresses expanded polystyrene foam but also achieves excellent results in recycling expanded polyethylene. The CF-CP250 foam compactor can significantly reduce the size of EPS foam plastic material, with a compression ratio of 1:30-1:50. The compressed product is EPS foam plastic blocks with a density of 250kg/m³, making it easy to process EPS foam plastic material into another form for recycling. The CF-CP250 EPS Cold Compactor has an output of 80-120kg per hour and is equipped with two sets of 3kW crusher motors and a 7.5kW screw motor.

CF-CP250-EPS-Cold-Compactor Machinery

This machine is suitable for large-scale waste recycling facilities, handling various types of foam plastics such as foam boxes and foam boards. For safety, the machine is designed with protective measures. In case of danger during operation, an emergency button and shutdown mechanism ensure the health of the operator and the surrounding environment. Integrated safety sensors and comprehensive safety protocols prevent accidents and rapidly respond to unforeseen circumstances.

Customizable Solutions:

Recognizing diverse requirements across industries, QINFENG provides customizable solutions. The CF-CP250 can be tailored to specific needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in various applications to meet customer demands.

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