Qinfeng’s CF-CP380 EPS Compactor: A solution to facilitate polystyrene foam recycling

In Glen Rock, New Jersey, an unfortunate incident was reported where a 69-year-old man, having collected polystyrene foam plastics diligently, had all of it rejected by the recycling station. Frustrated by the refusal, the man left angrily and discarded the foam plastic waste. Dean Ackman, the police chief of the municipality, mentioned that upon learning about the non-recyclability of polystyrene foam plastic, the man acted aggressively, insulting the staff and discarding the foam waste. Several hours later, the police found the man and issued him a summons for illegal dumping.


According to the investigation, they refused to recycle polystyrene foam plastic because of the poor recycling technology in some areas. This has caused great inconvenience to local residents and customers engaged in recycling activities. Polystyrene foam is a very common packaging material and raw material. They are widely used in daily life and various industrial production. It can be roughly estimated that there is a massive amount of foam plastic waste that needs to be recycled. Improper handling of it, given its non-biodegradable nature, could have severe adverse effects on the natural ecological environment. Therefore, we hope that no matter when and where, polystyrene foam can be smoothly recycled by people, recycling stations.


During the recycling process, the EPS compactor not only provides a reliable and efficient user experience but also helps save additional costs. Furthermore, the high-quality appearance of the recycled EPS blocks makes them easy to sell. This increases the possibility of balancing income and expenses, and potentially bringing tangible profits to customers. Many recycling centers now use recycling equipment for convenience. Among them, the EPS compactor is not only energy-efficient and environmentally friendly but also can recycle various foam wastes, achieving a versatile effect, suitable for recycling stations in industries where various types of foam are mixed together.

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