QINFENG: Foam Hydraulic EPS Compactor For Efficient Recycling

Qinfeng’s Foam Hydraulic EPS Compactor for Efficient Recycling

Compared to other recycling compactors, the foam hydraulic compactor is a machine that operates without the need for heating. This makes it an option for customers who want to avoid the burning wax and petroleum smells produced by hot melt technology. Foam hydraulic compressors mainly use hydraulic technology to compress foam plastic waste. The air is then squeezed out, shrinking the volume of the foam waste, thus compressing the foam. Compared with some common cold compression equipment on the market, the foam hydraulic compressor, with its hydraulic technology, can compress loose foam to 1:50 of the original volume, providing users with an efficient compression ratio and saving more transportation and Storage space cost.


The foam hydraulic EPS Compactor can compress various niche types of foam, including but not limited to paper, EPS (expanded polystyrene foam), EPE, PUR, EVA.

A specific type of foam is called PUR foam or soft foam. Often used in the production of everyday items such as sofa cushions and mattresses. Transporting and recycling this type of foam has historically been challenging. However, through features such as Qinfeng’s foam compactors and conveyor belts, crushers, fan conveyors and silo systems, PUR and PIR foam can be recycled easily, quickly and efficiently. This solves a significant labor cost saving issue for many customers.

Moreover, the foam hydraulic compactor can handle the dust generated after crushing EPS. Historically, the most common method to recover EPS foam dust was through thermal melting technology. Therefore, QINFENG’s compactor is an ideal choice for customers looking to recycle EPS foam dust. The foam hydraulic compactor compresses these fine powder-like dust materials into blocks, successfully recovering the dust generated after crushing EPS.

This enables users to effectively and comprehensively recycle the foam plastic waste they need to recover. The machine is equipped with four sets of 3kW crusher motors and is suitable for large supermarkets, large seafood markets, and large EPS waste recycling companies for compacting waste. Customers will receive EPS blocks with dimensions of 380mm x 380mm.


QINFENG Machinery looks forward to collaborating with you.


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