Qinfeng Foam EPS Compactor – Solves The High Cost Of Foam Transportation

A free event promoting green initiatives was held near Medfielders. It is designed to release difficult-to-manage EPS bubbles. Built in the home, thus saving a lot of home storage space. In this recycling event, dry and clean packaging foam is used to transport electronics, appliances and various other items, including foam egg cartons and foam food trays. And other standard foam waste, collected by the Township Solid Waste Advisory Recycling Committee (TSARC). And take it to a designated place for recycling. Foam waste generated by residents is small in size, high in quality and easy to transport, regardless of the method used. Residents can even drive their foam waste to the designated recycling locations.


This is despite the campaign asking residents to place the corresponding type of cleaning foam (EPS foam) in clear or white garbage bags for easy recycling. But when people filled the event site with foam trash, dealing with large amounts of foam became a challenge.

For large amounts of foam waste, shipping is actually the most challenging aspect, a problem that neither recycling centers nor electronics retailers can avoid. With the development of the Internet and transportation industry, we often order electronic products online. During transportation, these expensive items often require foam packaging for protection and shock absorption. After installing these devices, some retailers bring the foam packaging back to the warehouse for centralized recycling. In addition, industries that produce large amounts of foam often outsource recycling to third parties. However, they are gradually finding it more and more difficult to afford the expensive transportation and labor costs. So they turned their attention to foam recycling projects and foam compactors.

For the recycling of waste foam packaging in related industries, choosing Qinfeng is a reliable choice.


Foam compactors are suitable for handling dry electronic product packaging received by society and relatively clean, low-moisture foam waste. The machine primarily saves transportation costs by compressing foam volume. The compression ratio of Qinfeng CF-CP380 foam cold EPS Compaction machine is 1:30-1:50, which can extrude the air in the foam and compress it into a block, and its density can reach 300kg/m3, which greatly saves transportation costs. It is one of the core equipment of the foam recycling project. The foam blocks produced at the same time can be sold. These foam blocks are valuable raw materials that can be combined with new materials to make new plastic products.

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