Polystyrene Recycling and Reuse: QINFENG EPS COMPACTOR

Polystyrene Recycling and Reuse: QINFENG EPS COMPACTOR


In 2022, Hilliard, Ohio, hosted more than three large-scale polystyrene recycling events. To strengthen waste recycling and raise environmental awareness. Residents not only visit polystyrene recycling points outside office hours, but also actively participate in large-scale recycling events.These efforts aimed to improve polystyrene recycling rates in Ohio.


In addition to setting up polystyrene recycling points on non-working days. It is also a positive move that they also organize regular polystyrene recycling drives during office hours. The City of Hilliard is answering the call to go green by hosting large-scale polystyrene events in late 2021, early 2022 after Christmas, and in the spring of 2023.

The idea of ​​Hilliard City helping Ohio address polystyrene pollution received strong support. With financial backing, the city’s recycling points purchased polystyrene compactors. These compactors, with a compression ratio of 50:1, compressed polystyrene sold to Eco Development Company, which manufactures window frames, door frames, decorations, photo frames, and more. Through professional processing, entirely new plastic products are obtained, making it impossible to discern their previous discarded polystyrene origins. SWACO, the main investor in the city’s polystyrene recycling project, considers it a successful endeavor in environmental protection and resource recovery.

However, labor costs vary from country to country. As a leading producer and provider in the environmental recycling industry, QINFENG Machinery’s compactors are an affordable and excellent choice.

QINFENG’s EPS Foam Cold Press Machine can handle waste paper, EPS foam (polypropylene foam), EPE PUR EVA, and more. With continuous improvements, the EPS foam compactor achieves superior performance. It operates on a PLC-based automatic control system and peripheral circuit control, ensuring stable performance. The CF-CP380 EPS cold compactor machine has a production capacity of 150-200kg per hour and is equipped with four sets of 3kw crusher motors and a 15kw screw motor. This model of cold press machine is suitable for large-scale EPS waste recycling companies to compress waste materials.


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