Polystyrene Foam Cold Compactor: An Irish Laboratory’s Effort to Tackle Polystyrene Pollution

Amidst the global focus on polystyrene, Ireland has established its own polystyrene recycling system. To tackle the issue of polystyrene pollution, the Irish laboratory recommends radically reducing the use of all non-biodegradable single-use plastics. Replace unnecessary plastic labware with glassware while recycling unavoidable plastic items.

CF-CP250-EPS-Cold-Compactor Machinery

The lab head stated, “We produce around 4,000 kilograms of waste annually, and we have reduced it to 130 kilograms. Most of this reduction is through recycling.” The lab collaborates with a waste company in Clara, Ireland, to recycle polystyrene. They temporarily store discarded polystyrene containers in a shed behind the lab. When full, they contact the waste management company, which uses machines to extract air from the polystyrene. These compressed polystyrene blocks are shipped abroad, primarily to Europe, where many companies use them to make new products through granulation.

Since 2019, this Ireland-based lab has focused on polystyrene recycling. In the following year, chemist Jane Kilcoyne and her lab saved €15,800 ($16,000) by converting non-chemical waste, reducing over 95% of their waste and decreasing single-use plastic consumption by 69%.

Due to the relatively low density of polystyrene products, they are not easily collected. For such polystyrene foam accumulation, Qinfeng Machinery recommends the EPS compactor. Qinfeng Machinery’s EPS foam cold compactor CF-CP250 can reduce the size of EPS foam materials with a compression ratio of 1:30-1:50. After the initial compaction process, material density typically increases from 30 kg/m³ to 250 kg/m³, becoming high-quality recyclable plastic granules.

Waste Compression: QINFENG's CF-CP250 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine

This EPS foam cold compactor is designed to handle EPS, EPE, PUR, EVA, and waste paper. Continuous improvements have led to superior and stable performance of the EPS foam compactor, aiding in environmental protection and fostering a sustainable economic cycle.

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