Plastic Pellet Production: QINFENG’s CF-PZ Pelletizing Line

QINFENG introduces the CF-PZ Pelletizing Line, a cutting-edge solution for transforming EPS ingots into high-quality pellets. This plastic pellet production line offering efficiency, precision, and sustainability.

Key Components of CF-PZ Pelletizing Line:

The EPS ingot pelletizing line is a sophisticated system comprising essential components:

Screw Feeder: Initiating the process, the screw feeder ensures a consistent and controlled supply of materials into the extruder.

Extruder: The heart of the system, the extruder utilizes advanced technology to melt and form the plastic material into a uniform mass.

Screen Changer: Ensuring continuous operation, the screen changer filters out impurities, maintaining the quality of the plastic material.

Water Ring Cutting System: This precision cutting system shapes the molten plastic into pellets with accuracy, contributing to the final product’s quality.

Fan Delivering and Controlling System: Regulating the temperature and ensuring optimal conditions for the pelletization process, the fan system plays a crucial role in the efficiency of the line.

Materials Processed:

The CF-PZ Pelletizing Line is designed to handle a variety of materials, including:

PP (Polypropylene): Known for its versatility, PP is widely used in various plastic applications.

PE (Polyethylene): With its strength and flexibility, PE is a commonly used material in plastic manufacturing.

EPS Ingot: Expanded Polystyrene ingots, a lightweight and durable material commonly found in packaging.

EPS Cold Compacted Block: The line efficiently processes cold compacted EPS blocks, contributing to a circular economy.

CF-PZ Pelletizing Line

Advantages of CF-PZ Pelletizing Line:

Efficiency: The line ensures a streamlined and continuous pelletization process, optimizing production efficiency.

Precision: With advanced technology and precision cutting, the CF-PZ line produces uniform and high-quality pellets.

Versatility: The system accommodates a range of materials, providing flexibility for various industries and applications.

Sustainability: By recycling EPS ingots and cold compacted blocks, the line contributes to sustainable practices, reducing plastic waste.


The pellets produced by the CF-PZ Pelletizing Line find applications across industries, including:

Injection Molding: The high-quality pellets can be used for injection molding processes, contributing to the production of diverse plastic products.

Extrusion: The versatility of the pellets allows for extrusion processes, supporting applications in film, sheet, and other forms.

Manufacturing: Industries can incorporate these pellets into their manufacturing processes, promoting resource efficiency.

In conclusion, QINFENG’s CF-PZ Pelletizing Line with a focus on efficiency, precision, and sustainability, this innovative solution contributes to the transformation of plastic recycling practices, aligning with global efforts for a greener and more circular future.

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