Innovating Compact Waste Compression: QINFENG’s CF-CP150 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine

Innovating Compact Waste Compression: QINFENG’s CF-CP150 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine

QINFENG Machinery proudly presents the CF-CP150 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine, a specially designed solution for small spaces and limited capacities. Crafted by QINFENG, this machine excels in processing EPS, EPP, and EPE foam waste, including items like food trays, cups, and small boxes. Tailored for small-scale applications, it brings efficiency and environmental responsibility to constrained spaces.

Innovating Compact Waste Compression QINFENG's CF-CP150 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine

Compact Design for Limited Spaces:

The CF-CP150 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine is ingeniously designed to thrive in small spaces with minimal capacity requirements. Its compact form factor makes it a perfect fit for environments where space is a premium, ensuring effective waste compression without compromising on performance.

Non-toxic, Odorless, and Environmentally Friendly:

QINFENG prioritizes environmental consciousness, reflected in the CF-CP150’s design. This machine is non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly, aligning with global standards for sustainable waste processing. It introduces a clean and responsible approach to waste management.

Versatile Material Processing:

Despite its size, the CF-CP150 demonstrates versatility in material processing. From food trays to containers and small packing boxes, this machine handles a range of materials with efficiency. Its adaptability ensures that various types of waste are compressed effectively, contributing to streamlined waste management practices.

Applications in Limited Spaces:

Tailored for small places, the CF-CP150 finds applications in a variety of settings where space is a constraint. Its capability to process different materials makes it suitable for use in cafes, small businesses, and other environments where compact waste compression is paramount.


Qinfeng Machinery specializes in the production of EPS foam cold presses, hot melt machines, etc. for recycling plastic waste

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