QinFeng Machinery’s EPS Waste Hydraulic Compressor: Ensuring Efficiency and Safety


QinFeng Machinery’s EPS Waste Hydraulic Compressor: Ensuring Efficiency and Safety


With the increasing global awareness of environmental protection, proper waste disposal and management have become crucial. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a material with a large volume and difficult to recycle, posing significant challenges. To address this issue, Qin Feng Machinery has developed an innovative solution – the EPS Waste Hydraulic Compressor. This article delves into the working principles of this machine and highlights the application of various safety features to ensure safe and efficient operations.

QinFeng Machinery's EPS Waste Hydraulic Compressor: Ensuring Efficiency and Safety


Working Principles of the EPS Waste Hydraulic Compressor:

Qin Feng Machinery’s EPS Waste Hydraulic Compressor is designed to compress and reduce the volume of EPS waste for easy transportation and recycling. The working principles of this machine are as follows:

Material Input: The entire process begins with feeding EPS waste into the compressor. Operators place the EPS waste on the conveyor platform, and the conveyor belt feeds the waste into the crusher. The crusher’s opening height is set at 2.1 meters, ensuring that the cutting blades are out of reach, guaranteeing worker safety.

Compression Chamber: The compressor’s compression chamber contains a hydraulic cylinder and a specially designed compression plate. When activated, the hydraulic cylinder exerts tremendous force on the compression plate, pushing the EPS waste forward for compression.

Compression Process: As the hydraulic cylinder moves downward, the compression plate compresses the EPS waste. Gradual application of force ensures even compression, pushing the compressed material forward.

Release and Ejection: Once the compression process is complete, the hydraulic system releases the pressure on the compression plate, allowing it to move backward for the next cycle. The compressed EPS waste is then ejected into the collection area.

Safety Features of the Hydraulic Compressor:

Qin Feng Machinery prioritizes safety in the EPS Waste Hydraulic Compressor and has incorporated various safety functions into its design to protect operators and the machine. Some essential safety measures include:

Emergency Stop Button: The machine is equipped with a prominent emergency stop button, allowing operators to immediately halt all operations in case of emergencies or potential hazards.

Safety Guards: Sturdy safety guards are installed around the compressor to prevent accidental contact with moving parts during operation. These guards also keep foreign objects from entering the compression chamber.

Limit Switches: Limit switches detect the positions of the compression plate and the feeding platform. They ensure that the compression process only occurs when the feeding platform is correctly aligned, preventing accidents due to misalignment.

Overload Protection: To prevent hydraulic system damage and accidents caused by excessive force, the machine is equipped with overload protection. It automatically stops the compression process if the applied force exceeds safe limits.

Power Cut/Tagging Procedure: The compressor comes with appropriate power cut/tagging procedures, allowing maintenance personnel to cut off power and safely lock the machine during maintenance or servicing, reducing the risk of accidental startups.

Explosion-proof Design: The equipment control section is housed in an explosion-proof electrical box to ensure smooth operation in complex environments.

QinFeng Machinery's EPS Waste Hydraulic Compressor: Ensuring Efficiency and Safety


Qin Feng Machinery’s EPS Waste Hydraulic Compressor makes a valuable contribution to the waste management industry. Its efficient working principles enable the compression of bulky EPS waste for easy transportation and recycling. The machine’s comprehensive safety features allow operators to work with confidence and minimize potential risks during operation. This compressor seamlessly integrates efficiency and safety, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable environment in the field of environmental protection.Qinfeng Machinery also provides other recycling machines,such as hot melter , cold compactor etc.

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