EPS Recycling in Hawaii:Qinfeng EPS Compactor

EPS Recycling in Hawaii:Qinfeng EPS Compactor

Pacific Allied Products is a well-known plastic packaging company. Headquartered in Hawaii, USA, it specializes in the production of EPS foam packaging, construction foam and plastic water bottles. As the region’s “plastic packaging giant,” Pacific United Products has long recognized its obligations for EPS recycling in Hawaii. Because the company mainly produces expanded polystyrene (EPS) products. Pacific Allied Products is the state’s only manufacturer of foam roofing materials, surfboard blanks, portable coolers and even those ubiquitous packaging peanuts.

EPS recycling in Hawaii may sound easy, but it’s challenging to implement. Due to its island geography, Hawaii lacks many recycling centers, and local well-known recycling centers like RRR Recycling Center seem less enthusiastic about EPS recycling, preferring to focus on bottle recycling. Therefore, entrusting recycling centers to assist in EPS recycling is not a very effective method. Consequently, more industry professionals in Hawaii are opting to handle EPS recycling themselves, which is not only simple and efficient but also saves unnecessary recycling costs. Moreover, conducting EPS recycling in Hawaii is relatively straightforward.

The key is to have efficient recycling equipment, an EPS compactor. It can not only recycle EPS foam but also XPS, among others. For specific materials that can be processed, you can visit this page about the foam compactor for inquiries. Such foam compactors are an ideal choice for foam production companies. For instance, Pacific Allied Products, in addition to producing expanded polystyrene products, also manufactures a significant amount of construction materials, with XPS foam widely used in the construction industry. XPS foam is non-biodegradable and requires recycling. Therefore, using a foam compactor can achieve multiple uses, saving investment costs.

Qinfeng‘s CF-CP150 EPS Compactor

Here, we recommend QINFENG’s EPS compactor, the CF-CP150 EPS cold press machine. This machine is designed by QINFENG Machinery for small-scale recycling centers or processing merchants like supermarkets. It is primarily suitable for compressing polystyrene foam packaging. The equipment uses a DC motor, ensuring high efficiency, space saving, easy product transportation, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, smoke-free operation, avoiding secondary pollution. The feeding port is equipped with a safety door, and personnel safety is ensured by a safety switch.

Innovating Compact Waste Compression: QINFENG's CF-CP150 EPS Foam Cold Compression Machine

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