EPS Compactor Foam Thermal Melting Machine – Efficient Recycling of Expanded Polystyrene

EPS Compactor Foam Thermal Melting Machine – Efficient Recycling of Expanded Polystyrene

Trinseo and Ineos Styrolution are founding members of Styrene Circular Solutions (SCS). The solution is a value chain initiative aimed at improving styrene recycling. SCS Secretary General Jens Kathmann concluded: “The market is looking forward to the construction of the polystyrene depolymerization plant, which brings us one step closer to our shared vision of realizing styrene’s unique recycling potential.
Meanwhile SCS, along with its members and partners, is continuing to advance our food contact machinery recycling and dissolution technology. To complement our plastic-to-plastic recycling portfolio, jump-starting the availability of recycled polystyrene. ”


Waste from various industries – Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam plastic, a non-degradable material extensively used in the industrial sector, has been a focal point in recycling projects due to its non-biodegradable nature. This massive white waste needs effective recycling. Fortunately, various sources of discarded EPS foam plastic, including but not limited to polystyrene food packaging, can be recycled despite being non-degradable.

The difficulties in recycling this recognized hard-to-recycle large white waste lie in expensive transportation costs and labor-intensive processes. However, without proper treatment, environmental pollution, adverse effects such as wildlife ingestion, and disruption of the ecological balance can occur. To efficiently recycle discarded EPS foam plastic, QINFENG Machinery’s auxiliary equipment, the CF-HM400 thermal melting machine, is an ideal choice.

The EPS hot melt machine crushes the blades through the four-axis inside the hot melt machine. Convert EPS material into smaller, more suitable blocks. The blocks are then pushed through the filter into the heated barrel by a screw that rotates at high speed. This allows the volume reduction of polystyrene to be achieved.This is a crucial step in recycling expanded polystyrene. The green and environmentally friendly appearance of QINFENG’s EPS Compactor thermal melting machine, along with different models, enables customers to make better adaptive choices. It is efficient, space-saving, easy to transport finished products, and environmentally friendly, with pollution-free and smoke-free operations avoiding secondary pollution. Simultaneously, the overall structure is designed reasonably, ensuring safety while facilitating worker operations, reducing waste volume by 80%-90%.


By using professional recycling equipment and scientifically recycling with the EPS Compactor thermal melting machine, QINFENG aims to enhance recycling efficiency and achieve a polystyrene circular economy.

QINFENG looks forward to collaborating with you.

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