EPS Compactor

The EPS Compactor: Shrinking a Bulky Problem

An EPS cold compactor is a machine designed to compress loose EPS foam into denser blocks or bricks. This significantly reduces the volume of the material, making it easier to handle, transport, and store.

EPS Compactor

Benefits of EPS Compaction

Reduced Storage Space: EPS compaction equipment can dramatically decrease the storage space required for EPS waste, freeing up valuable real estate.
Lower Transportation Costs: By reducing the volume of EPS, transportation costs associated with hauling it to recycling facilities or landfills are significantly minimized.
Environmental Advantages: EPS compaction promotes responsible EPS management by facilitating recycling. Denser EPS blocks are more easily transported and processed by recycling plants, reducing the amount of EPS ending up in landfills.

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Choosing the Right EPS Polystyrene Compactor

Several factors come into play when selecting a styrofoam compactor:
Volume Reduction Ratio: Consider the compaction ratio you require. Typical ratios range from 20:1 to 50:1, meaning the compactor can reduce the EPS volume by 20 to 50 times.

EPS Compactor Size
Throughput Capacity: Choose a eps compactor machine that can handle your expected volume of EPS waste.
Form of Processed EPS: Decide whether you require the compacted EPS to be in blocks or briquettes. This may depend on your recycling or disposal needs.
Qinfeng EPS cold compactor is suitable for pressing EPS, EPP, EPE, XPS, PUR, EVA polystyrene styrofoam foam into blocks.

EPS Compactor Crush Blade

EPS Compactor Crush Blade

EPS Foam Compaction Machinery Video

EPS Foam Compaction Machine Technical Sheet

Model CF-CP-150 CF-CP-250 CF-CP-380
Capacity 40-50kg/h 100kg/h 150kg/h-200kg/h
Screw Diameter Φ138mm φ290mm/Q235-A φ350mm
Input Size 612mmx500mm 900mmx600mm 1000mmx900mm
Screw rotation speed 30rpm 36rpm 36rpm
Crusher blade 10pcs 2Sets/9+10 pcs 4Sets 10+11+10+11sets
Crusher rotation speed 100rpm 120rpm 120rpm
Main motor 4kw 7.5 kw 15kw
Crusher motor 3kw 3kw X 2 3kw X 4
Crusher rotation speed 100r/m 1.5 kw 1.5kw
Production size 200x200mm 250×250mm 380x380mm
Outline 3000x1000x1700 3000×1300×2100 5000x1500x2500
Weight 850kg 1400Kg 2400kg
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