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  • CF-TS Series Double Single Shaft Film Shredder

CF-TS Series Double Single shaft film shredder

The CF-TS series double sigle shaft film shredder is suitable for recycling medium-hard and soft materials such as films, woven bags, container bags, and paper. The series of shredders adopt a double film shaft design and rotate at medium speed. In addition, it has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency, and no need to push materials.

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Plastic film





Particularly design for soft material. Largelyimprove the efficiency.
WITHOUT PUSHER: It is more efficient because the material could be fed directhy


Absorbs vibration caused by the shreddingoperation. Make sure the shredding processto be steady.


Hardened teeth on the reducer.


Protective bearing covers to avoid contamination entering the bearing housing. Greasepoints to release oil at intervals to increaseservice lift.


Z type screen is mainly for film materialavoiding to get jam, and output will be moresmoothly. Different screen size meetdifferent customers” requirements.


Safety devices in line with CE standard.

Model CF-TS2260 CF-TS3080 CF-TS40100 CF-TS40120
Dimension L / W / H (mm) 2146×1805×1754 1834×1561×1735 3470×2601×2275 3660×3710×2275
Crushing chamber size C / D (mm) 600×450 800×576 1000×750 1200×750
Outlet height E (mm) 500 535 900 900
Blade rotation diameter (mm) φ232.5 φ313 φ400 φ400
Spindle speed (r / min) 82 82 74 74
Screen aperture (mm) Z25 Z40 Z30 Z30
Number of moving knives (pcs) 20×2+11 (26×2)+28 51×2+36 60×2+42
Number of fixed knives (pcs) 4 4 4 4
Host power (kw) 18.5+18.5 30+30 45+45 55+55
Equipment weight (kg) 1800 3880 4880 5500

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