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Uses of Pelletizing Machine

Uses of Pelletizing Machine:

What is the Uses of pelletizing machine? Pelletizing machine form pellets of uniform size, shape and weight for handling or metering. A variety of materials need to be produced in pellet form, requiring different types of pelletizing equipment, including plastics, catalysts, chemicals and raw materials. Because a well-regulated extrusion process produces a continuous length of product with a constant cross-section, the machine is easy to granulate uniformly by cutting to the same length.
Uses of Pelletizing Machine

Pelletizing Machine Instruction:

The pelletizing machine is uesd to make pellets from biomass powdered material. The finished biomass pellet is a great substitute for wood, raw coal, fossil fuel, liquefied gas. With high thermal value and renewability, the machine is widely used in urban heating systems, hot water supply, industry fuel, etc. The machine is a high promising and high-value renewable resource. We would supply a superior pellet machine and one-stop service for you.

The raw materials are wood chips, sawdust, straw, bamboo chips, rice husk, palm shell fiber, peanut shells, tree bark, cotton stalks, corn husk, bran residue, coffee grounds, etc. They are widely available and sustainable and can be obtained from agriculture and forestry throughout the year. If you have an abundance of biomass waste, don’t just throw the machine away. Buy a pelletizer and dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. Turning waste biomass materials into pellets is meaningful and rewarding.