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Uses of Film Squeezer

Film Squeezer Features:

1. Film squeezer is our newly designed machine, specially designed with spiral pressing.
2. The squeezer is especially suitable for plastic film, plastic bags, woven bags, jumbo bags, solving the previous drying problem.
3. Instead of dewatering machine, there is a hot blower in the recycling line, which is energy-saving equipment.
4. Easy to operate.
5. Make the material easier to be granulated and dried, if you use the squeezer, you will not need the following three machines: dewatering machine, pipe drying system and granulator, only one stage extruder recycling machine is needed instead of two or three stage recycling machine.
film squeezer

The Squeezer Description:

The squeezer is used to dry those washed films, woven bags, etc. into pellet form. After that, these pellets can go directly to the extruder. This is a fully automatic film and woven bag extrusion pelletizer with high drying and full plasticization of material by screw extrusion and electric heating, low power consumption and high output. The final moisture is only 3-5%. The output will be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

The Squeezer Advantages:

1. The squeezer can process wet PE film, PP film, PET cloth, 98 film, 99 film.
2. Fully squeeze the moisture of the material to make the material semi-plasticized.
3. Compared with the traditional dewatering machine, the squeezer is energy-saving, good drying effect and low noise; under normal circumstances, the squeezer needs dewatering machine and pipe dryer. The squeezer has high power consumption and low efficiency. Generally speaking, the power consumption of the extruder is 50% less than that of the dewaterer.
4. The material is fully wetted into the screw, and after the extrusion process, the material is fully plasticized within 1% of humidity.
5. The extruded material will be melted and then flow to the pelletizing die.