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Uses of EPS Compactor

EPS Compactor Description:

1. Double shaft crushing blade. EPS compactor adopts manual loading, the material is crushed by double shaft blade and then conveyed to the barrel of the main machine through the screen.

2. The screw of the main machine can convey and heat the material to the melting state, then extrude the compactor, and the hydraulic blade will cut the compactor into pieces for easy storage and transportation.

3. The shape of the product can be designed according to the customer’s requirements.

EPS Compactor

EPS Compactor Features:

1. This pelletizing line is specially designed for processing EPS foam/LDPE film/LLDPE stretch film, PP woven bag, PET, non-woven bag, mask, PVC and other materials.

2. The Compactor device is used to compact the material first, which is good for reducing the moisture and facilitating the entry into the extruder. 1. degassing holes will absorb dirt and printing ink, and the final flakes will be cleaner and more stable.

3. The line has the features of automatic operation and labor saving. With advanced design concept and constant suggestions from customers, we can customize the compactor to meet all your special needs.

4. This PP PE film and bag line can display “I” “L” “U” shape according to your workshop. This pelletizing line is specially designed to handle materials such as PE film/LDPE film/LLDPE stretch film, PP woven, non-woven bags, mask, PVC, etc. The compactor usually recycles the cleaned plastic through our cleaning line.

The Compactor Instruction:

Foam briquetting machine is also called polystyrene foam reduction machine, EPS briquetting machine, foam cold press, etc. Its principle is to compress EPS foam into blocks by spiral compression mechanism. When using, the operator only needs to throw the foam block into the hopper and the machine has a crushing mechanism to crush the foam block. The screw mechanism then compresses the small EPS foam into a compressed block with a square cross section. This compressor can be used in common forms such as cold press, hot press, hot melt and hydraulic. At the front end of the compression section there is a pressure regulating device to adjust the compression ratio. Depending on the characteristics of the raw material, the compression ratio can reach 30 to 40 times, thus reducing the volume of EPS, facilitating long-distance transportation and reducing storage and transportation costs.