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The Opportunity for Development of “The Belt And Road” EPS Industry

The main purpose of The Belt and Road “international cooperation forum is based on trade channel, navigation, the main effect of railway, aviation and navigation, agriculture, trade, import of oil and gas industry. After signing with “The Belt and Road along the country is bilateral or multilateral trade, transport agreements, which will bring opportunities for the EPS industry?

At present, the domestic EPS industry mainly has the present situation:

1, serious overcapacity. At present, China’s total production capacity of EPS is about 6000000 tons / year, but in recent years, the apparent consumption of EPS is still less than 3 million tons / year, and the utilization ratio of the production capacity is less than half.

2, environmental inspection intensified, the real estate regulation overweight, EPS manufacturers blocked sales seriously. Since the second half of 2016, environmental inspection has been upgraded frequently, and domestic foam products enterprises have stopped or reduced production in large areas. In addition, real estate regulation policies have been continuously overweight, and EPS manufacturers have been under pressure, and the demand side has maintained a weak trend.

3, new EPS products continue to emerge. With the gradual improvement of building insulation performance, graphite EPS came into being, many domestic enterprises to achieve mass production, and gradually reduce the domestic market dependence on the import of graphite EPS. “Vigorously promote the development of new materials in 13th Five-Year” plan, graphene as one, has been gradually applied to the EPS, and achieved a major breakthrough.Qinfeng is EPS compactorEPS Hot melting machineEPS melter manufacturer.


For the EPS industry, “The Belt and Road” agreement, help EPS products of export trade, help ease domestic environmental protection investigation under the demand weakness, continue to enhance China’s worldwide market share, and alleviate the problem of excess domestic production capacity; while domestic graphene research results to EPS model in foreign countries, to enhance the international influence. From this point of view, “The Belt and Road” has helped to ease the situation, the domestic EPS market of domestic trouble and foreign invasion to break through the bottleneck, to advance green and healthy road.