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Styrofoam Compactors

Styrofoam Compactors

Introduction to Styrofoam Compactors:

First with the crusher and the screen on this compactor to get the small size of the material. Then after the material fall down into the screw. The main motor push the  material forward in the screw, meanwhile the hydraulic system on the mould head close to press the PUR material. The PUR material will come out by blocks, it can reduce 30-50 times space for the material. And easy to move an delivery. All the parts of the machine we composed into one machine, save cost , power consumption, and space for the machine. The PUR blocks can be crushed again to process to the next unit.


PUR compactor CF-CP250 which capacity is 100kg/h from Qinfeng Machinery, with the 2.2kw crusher and 7.5kw screw motor. The PUR compactor CF-CP250 is suitable for the big super market, seafood market. It is also fit for the middle size PUR waste recycling companies to compact the waste material. The customer will get the PUR block for 250mmX250mm size.

Styrofoam Compactors

Qinfeng Machinery is a Foam Compactor Machine manufacturer and supplier in China which can provide you with high quality of Styrofoam Compactors.

CF-CP-250 Styrofoam Compactors:


Styrofoam Compactors
Model CF-CP-250
Capacity 100kg/h
Screw diameter φ290mm      Q235-A
Input size 1000mmx600mm
Screw rotation speed 36rpm
Crushing blade 2Sets  9+10
Blade rotation speed 120rpm
Main motor 7.5 kw
Crusher motor 2.2kw X 2
Hydraulic station motor 1.5 kw
Production size 250×250mm
Outline 3000×1300×2100
Weight 1400Kg

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