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Specification for Use of Foam Styrofoam Compactor at Low Temperature

The production of foam styrofoam compactor not only relies on huge spiral thrust, but also relies on continuous heat to melt the raw materials. The temperature given by the heating coil and the warmth of the spiral propulsion, the control of the heating coil and the outside temperature It must be related to the fact that in areas with high summer temperatures, it is only necessary to turn on the upper heating coil. In other words, the winter production needs to increase the warm-up time. The upper and lower heating coils must be opened during production.

Foam Styrofoam Compactor
The foam styrofoam compactor is required to be installed indoors, and the low indoor temperature has no effect on the production. The foam styrofoam compactor adopts double-screw section heating, and there are 7 heating coils on the main machine. The total power of the heating coil is about 8kw, full load. The heat in operation can not be ignored, and it can supply the production demand.