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Shredder Machine

Shredder Machine Instruction:

Shredder machine is a must-buy for plastic recycling. No matter you are dealing with injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion and blow molding, you would face plastic lumps formed during maintenance or manufacturing. This is one of the most common byproducts and wastes of plastic processing.

shredder machine

Shredder Machine Instruction:

The single-shaft shredder uses the interaction of movable and fixed knife heads to tear, cut and squeeze materials into small sizes. The machine can be used to shred a wide range of materials, including plastics, wood, rubber and paper. The cutter head consists of a basic shaft and a quadrangular blade. There are four edges that are easily replaced.

The “V” shaped rotary cutter is fixed to a single shaft. The fixed knife is mounted at an angle next to the rotary knife for a better cut. The material is grasped and crushed repeatedly between the ‘V’ shaped rotary knife and the fixed knife. During the grinding process, the installation of the ‘V’ shaped rotor knife ensures uniform cutting, saves energy and reduces noise. In addition, the knife is very easy to install and remove.

Shredder Machine Technical Features:

1. Plastic single-shaft shredder with large feed opening to put large plastic or rubber products freely.
2. Specially designed rotating and cutting blades to obtain very high efficiency and high capacity.
3. Plastic single shaft shredder is controlled by PLC system, the blade can rotate in opposite direction and shut down automatically, with very high safety service if any accident happens.
4. Plastic single-shaft shredder runs slowly, with little noise and dust.
5. The blade material is made of special alloy steel, with long service life.
6. All mechanical and electrical devices are protected in accordance with European CE standards.
7. The hydraulic system automatically pushes the material to the crushing rotor when working. Higher efficiency and high production can be achieved. According to the material type, the pushing speed can be adjusted to avoid overload.
8. The cooler system (optional) can keep the temperature working continuously.