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Reasons for Uneven Particle Size in Foam Compactor

When we are making foam compactors, sometimes the size and shape of recycled plastic particles are uneven, which causes the price of recycled pellets to be affected. Qinfeng foam granulation machinery manufacturers say that the foam compactor has uneven particle conditions.
1. The voltage is unstable. When the foam compactor is working, electricity is used to drive the machine. If the voltage is unstable, the speed and force of the machine will change. In the case of stable voltage, the cutting and discharging of the recycled plastic particles are uniform, but when the voltage is unstable, it becomes irregular, resulting in unevenness of the recycled plastic particles.
2. There are too many impurities in the waste plastic raw materials. Too much waste plastics can cause inconsistent cutting pressures. Inconsistent pressures can affect the speed and shape of the cut, thus forming irregular recycled plastic pellets.

Foam Styrofoam Compactor
3. The shaft of the foam compactor is worn. When the foam compactor is used for a period of time, wear and damage may occur, and in particular, too much impurities in the waste plastic raw materials mentioned above may aggravate the wear of the foam compactor. When the rotating shaft of the foam compactor wears, it will shake when rotating, which affects the performance of the machine, resulting in uneven formation of recycled plastic particles.
Therefore, we must pay attention to the production of foam compactors, maintain a stable voltage, try to make the waste plastics cleaned after production, parts of the foam compactor wear and replacement.