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Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment

Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment-2

Technical Parameter for Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment

1. Ingenious designed feeding hopper, one aspect it could prevent the material jumps out when crushed. The aspect it could also to collect all material into one point to push the material direction down and helping to feed the material into extruder.
2. Exquisite structure of blades, especially experienced designing to the angles of all blades, which could guarantee hot melting machine high efficient crushing performance with high capacity. But also could press the crushed material blocks into the extruder to increase the capacity of whole machine.


3. The melted material comes out from extruder, it could be collected by steel tank to get material cube block. But also could be cut by automatic pneumatic cutter to get small material blocks. The size of the material blocks could be adjusted.
4. The density of the block can reach 500-600kg per cubic meter. One container can load more than 20 tons material.

5. With ceramic heaters on the extruder, it could make the material good plasticizing and long life working.

Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment-1

Qinfeng Machinery is a Foam Recycling Machine manufacturer in China which can provide you with high quality of Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment.

CF-HM-200 Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment:


Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment CF-HM-200
Screw diameter φ197 mm
Screw distance 150 mm
Screw speed 110 r/min
Capacity 100~120Kg/h
Screen hole diameter 40mm
Extrusion center height 326 mm
Motor power 15KW
Heating power 3 zones total 10kw
Crusher motor power 2.2kwx2
Crusher blades quatity Twin screw 9sets+10sets
Crusher rotation speed 100r/m
Size L×W×H 2800×1580×1950
Weight    1400 Kg

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