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Lubrication and Maintenance of Foam Compactor

Any machine needs to be protected and maintained at regular intervals, so that it can be produced more smoothly.
There are also many types of foam compactors, such as a one-piece foam compactor, a split foam compactor, a large foam compactor, and the like. However, their protection and conservation methods are the same. In order to ensure that the compactor equipment is in an outstanding technical state, it can be put into work at any time, reduce the downtime of the compactor, improve the compactor integrity rate, utilization rate, reduce the compactor wear, extend the life of the compactor, and reduce the compactor work. And maintenance costs to ensure safe production, it is necessary to strengthen the usual protection and maintenance of the compactor. Do the regular maintenance, forcibly carry out the foam compactor, correctly handle the relationship between maintenance and repair, and do not allow to use only no maintenance, only repair.

Foam Compactor
Frequent attention to and timely smoothing of the conflicting surface ensures the normal operation of the foam compactor and the service life of the extension equipment. Increase the smooth grease in the bearing housing to 50-70% of the volume. It is necessary to replace it once every three months. Clean the running track of the bearing roller with clean gasoline or kerosene when changing oil. Usually pay attention to observe the operation of the foam compactor and find out the problem in time.