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  • Styrofoam Compactor
    A Brief Introduction and Important Features of Styrofoam Compactor in life

      Styrofoam Compactor Description: EPS compactor can reduce the size of the EPS material, the compressing ratio can reach1:30-1:50.The finished products are the EPS blocks, the density can reach

  • wasted-foam-recycling-technology-1
    Wasted Foam Recycling Technology

    Wasted Foam Recycling Technology The technology of recovery and utilization of soft foam can be divided into two categories, one is physical method and the other is chemical method. Physical recovery

  • wasted-eps-foam-recycling-method-4
    Wasted EPS Foam Recycling Method

    Wasted EPS Foam Recycling Method: 1. Bonding pressure molding This method is by breaking machine to the essence of soft polyurethane foam powder into 3 — 10 mm of broken material, into a blender

  • type-of-compactor-1
    Type of EPS Compactors

    There are many kinds of foam compressors, which can be classified into several kinds of EPS Compactors. 1. The cold press type Cold compressive EPS compressors, with no heating, use the screw directly

  • wasted-eps-foam-recycling-machine-2
    Wasted EPS Foam Recycling Machine

    Qinfeng Wasted EPS Foam Recycling Machine is one of the most widely used plastics in the world, he is a thermoplastic, production in third place behind polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene. Polys

  • New Heat Insulating Material—EPS Foam Board

    The EPS board also known as foam board, polystyrene foam board, which is composed of expandable polystyrene beads containing a volatile liquid foaming agent, the white object heating molding in the pr

  • Give The House “Clothes”, Cool in Summer And Warm in Winter

    Today, we talk about how to live comfortably from the housing problem. If you want to ensure that the warm and comfortable inside the building itself, it is necessary to do some work in the thermal in

  • How Does The Soft EPS Foam Plastic Recycling?

    Increasing amount of plastic products. These plastic products, especially the extensive use of food and beverage industry, disposable plastic tableware fast, widely used in packaging industry bubble c

  • EPS Foam Module—-A New Technology Expert in The Construction Industry

    EPS foam module —-a new technology expert in the construction industry   New building materials really not bad The gold rich foam EPS module technology There are tricks to subvert the traditiona

  • Is It Safe to Grow Vegetables in EPS Foam Boxes?

    Usually, on the road or at home in the yard we will find some vegetables planted in the EPS foam box. This district had Ms. questioned the yard vegetable safety in a foam box? Vegetables planted in th