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Foam Hot Melter Machine

Foam Hot Melter Machine Main Features:

1. Foam hot Melter machine can improve the corrosion resisting ability of machinery products and metal materials.
2. Improve bonding strength of steel surfaces and coatings.
3. Increase the anti-fatigue capability of metal products and extend its life.
4. Optimize the craftwork state of steel surface.
5. Greatly enhance the efficiency of cleaning.
6. Reduce the labor intensity of cleaning works.
7. Reduce the environment pollution.
Foam Hot Melter Machine
Energy saving, speedy melting, accurate temperature control,
saving argon, super high degree vacuum tightness, super perfect gold bar results, etc.

Description of Foam Hot Melter Machine:

1. Foam hot melter equipment structure and the axis and the blades are carbon steel.
2. Twin shaft crushing blades. This machine adopts manual feeding, the material will be crushed by the twin shaft blades and conveyed to the barrel of the main machine through the screen.
2. The screw of the main machine can convey and heat the material to melt condition, then extrude them and hydraulic blade cut them to pieces for easy storage and transportation.
3. The shapes of the products can be designed according to customers’ requirements.

Foam hot melt machine HS-HM100 adopts single shaft crushing blade, eight blades are fixed on the shaft, the blades on the blade shaft are arranged in dislocation, the blades are evenly arranged on the blade shaft, and the arithmetic point is to look in the same direction.
When the crushing blade works, after passing through the cutting blade, it is broken into smaller pieces of material.
The material is fed into the heating cylinder by the high-speed rotating screw. The host screw can transport and heat the material to a molten state, and then extrude, and the hydraulic blade cuts the material into pieces for easy storage and transportation.

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