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  • Foam Hot Melter Machine
    Foam Hot Melter Machine

    Foam Hot Melter Machine Main Features: 1. Foam hot Melter machine can improve the corrosion resisting ability of machinery products and metal materials. 2. Improve bonding strength of steel surfaces a

  • EPS Foam Hot Melting Equipment
    EPS Foam Hot Melting Equipment

    EPS Foam Hot Melting Equipment Description: 1. Twin shaft crushing blades, this machine adopts manual feeding, the material will be crushed by the twin shaft blades and conveyed to the barrel of the m

  • EPE Foam Melter Machine
    EPE Foam Melter Machine

    EPE Foam Melter Machine: First with the crusher and the screen on this EPE Foam Melter Machine to get the small size of the material. Then after the material fall down into the screw, the main motor p

  • epe-foam-hot-melting-machine-2
    EPE Foam Hot Melting Machine

    Features of EPE Foam Hot Melting Machine: 1. Reduce the storage space and transportation cost of EPS and widely used in factories, fishing ports, warehouse and supermarkets, etc. 2. Adopt screw compac

  • wasted-foam-recycling-technology-1
    EPE Foam Melting Machine

    Technical Characteristics for EPE Foam Melting Machine: 1. EPE foam melting machine all structures and parts are CE standard compliant. 2. Use reducer motor to drive the machine. 3. The module design

  • Polystyrene Foam Melter Equipment
    Polystyrene Foam Melter Equipment

    Polystyrene Foam Melter Equipment parameters: 1、The tilted feeding hopper is easy to put the Polystyrene material in. And the material won’t be pushed out during the crushing process. The Polystyrene

  • Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment
    Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment

    Technical Parameter for Polystyrene Foam Hot Melting Equipment 1. Ingenious designed feeding hopper, one aspect it could prevent the material jumps out when crushed. The aspect it could also to collec

  • polystyrene-foam-compactors-2
    Polystyrene Foam Melting Machine

    Polystyrene Foam Melting Machine: Qinfeng Machinery organized research personnel again to solve this technical problem and realized the upgrade of the waste plastic recycling machines with the guiding

  • Styrofoam Products Melter Equipment

    Main Features Styrofoam Products Melter Equipment: 1. The density of the block can reach 500-600kg per cubic meter. One container can load more than 20 tons material. 2. As a kind plastic foam densifi

  • eps-hot-melt-recycling-line-2
    EPS Hot Melt Recycling Line

    Working principle of EPS Hot Melt Recycling Line: The EPS hot melting machine use 4 shaft crushing blades, two parallel blade shafts symmetrically fixed with blade. The blade on the two blade shafts i

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