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  • epe-foam-compactors-equipment-2
    EPE Foam Compactors Equipment

    Characteristics of EPE Foam Compactors Equipment: 1. This epe foam compactors equipment is simple, convenient, and adaptable machine, small footprint, suitable for various occasions on the EPS compres

  • epe-foam-compactor-equipment-2
    EPE Foam Compactor Equipment

    Description of EPE Foam Compactor Equipment: 1. EPE foam compactor equipment saves costs for transport and landfill. 2. HEAVY DUTY pre-crusher available for thick and dense EPS from electronics and ot

  • epe-foam-compactors-2
    EPE Foam Compactors

    Description of EPE Foam Compactors: 1. EPE Foam Compactors save costs for transport and landfill. 2. Save space and handling by dealing with the EPS in a quick and efficient manner. 3. Generate income

  • polystyrene-foam-compacting-equipment-2
    Polystyrene Foam Compacting Equipment

    Installation and maintenance for Polystyrene Foam Compacting Equipment: 1、Reducer should pay attention to moisture transport and storage,six months is not installed to deal with the exposed surface of

  • polystyrene-foam-compactor-equipment-2
    Polystyrene Foam Compactor Equipment

    Polystyrene Foam Compactor Equipment Through numerous experiments on the Polystyrene Foam Compactor Equipment and continuous improvement, to create a superior performance. EPS compactor is controlled

  • Polystyrene Foam Compactor
    Polystyrene Foam Compactor

    Polystyrene Foam Compactor: First with the crusher and the screen on this Polystyrene Foam Compactor to get the small size of the material, then after the material fall down into the screw. The main m

  • styrofoam-products-compacting-machine-4
    Styrofoam Products Compacting Machine

    Styrofoam Products Compacting Machine: The Styrofoam Products Compacting Machine CF-CP380 which capacity is 150kg/h from Qinfeng Machinery, with the four sets of  2.2kw crusher motor and 11kw screw mo

  • styrofoam-products-compactor-machine-5
    Styrofoam Products Compactor Machine

    Characteristics of Styrofoam Products Compactor Machine: 1. The styrofoam products compactor machine save power consumptions as no heat is added to the process. 2. HEAVY DUTY pre-crusher available for

  • Styrofoam Products Compactors
    Styrofoam Products Compactors

    Styrofoam Products Compactors: Qinfeng machinery Styrofoam Products Compactors is mainly used for waste disposal. Including: paper, EPS (polystyrene foam), EPE PUR EVA and so on. The material through

  • eps-foam-compactor-equipment-2
    EPS Foam Compactor Equipment

    Characteristics of EPS Foam Compactor Equipment: 1. As a kind plastic foam densifier, it is applied to a wide usage to compressing and hot melting machine EPS EPP EPE XPS PUR EVA… 2. The hot mel

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