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Features of Styrofoam Compactor

Styrofoam Compactor Description:

Styrofoam compactor is widely used in various industries because of its thermal insulation, shock resistance and anti-drop characteristics, and is often named styrofoam/polystyrene. This material is often found in our lives in the form of furniture packaging, EPS leftovers, EPS pallets, etc. Polystyrene is not biodegradable.

There are no studies to show how long Polytron takes to break down. Dispersed EPS has difficulties in transportation. Recycling waste styrofoam avoids environmental pollution, saves resources, and facilitates the transportation of styrofoam materials.

Features of Styrofoam Compactor

Styrofoam Compactor Instruction:

Styrofoam compactors are the ideal solution for compacting EPS6, the most commonly used form of EPS (Styrofoam).
Many companies use EPS6 for packaging, including electronics manufacturers, distributors, fishery handling and food processing industries; The compactor is an ideal material to protect goods during transportation.
The compactor breaks down and reforms EPS6 into briquettes that can be sold and recycled into plastic parts, such as electronics, toys, DVD cases, etc.
By using the Mil-tek EPS1000 polystyrene compactor to process your foamed material, you not only save a lot of money over sending the compactor in bulk to landfills, but you also generate income for your organization.

Features of Styrofoam Compactor:

1. Compaction of expanded polystyrene with density of 200-250kg/m3.
2. Saves the cost of transportation and landfill.
3. Saves space and disposal volume by fast and efficient processing of EPS.
4. Saves electricity consumption through revenue generated from the sale of compacted EPS blocks.
5. No additional heat in the process.

Styrofoam Compactor Advantages:

1. Low noise: the machine is driven by gear box instead of belt.
2. Safety: the feeding height meets the safety standard; the gearbox drives the machine to run safely and efficiently, and the control system has an emergency stop function.
3. Good after, sales service: provide installation and commissioning if customers need; 12 months warranty.
4. Cost, effective: better quality of the machine and cheaper price.
5. Long service life:  after one year, we will continue to provide service for customers, and if well maintained, the machine can run for more than 10 years.
6. Optional electrical components: We can set components on the machine according to the customer’s requirements.