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Features And Applications of EPS Foam Board

1, if the EPS foam board for exterior insulation system, the apparent density of JG149-2003 shall comply with the “expansion of polystyrene board thin plastering exterior insulation system” standard, namely the apparent density in 18 ~ 22kg/m3.

2, the maintenance of the main building layout, building life extension. Because the external insulation is the insulation layer placed outside the layout, reducing the temperature changes caused by the layout of the deformation of the attack stress, and to reduce the harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet radiation on the layout of corrosion.

3, to room temperature remained stable, the exterior wall insulation, because of the wall to the layout of large storage layer in the wall inside, to hold steady at room temperature doesn.

4,Polystyrene material is widely used in the construction and packaging industry because of its lightweight, shock resistant, anti fall, heat insulation, sound absorption, insulation, self extinguishing, environmental protection, anti-aging, low cost, easy construction, etc..


5,When foaming EPS beads are heated to 90 degrees Celsius, the beads soften, and the foaming agent can expand the EPS beads by 40-80 times.

EPS foam and EPS compactor Mainly used for building walls, roofing insulation, composite board insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicles, ships insulation, floor heating, decoration, sculpture and other uses are very extensive!