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  • Foam Hot Melter Machine
    Foam Hot Melter Machine

    Foam Hot Melter Machine Main Features: 1. Foam hot Melter machine can improve the corrosion resisting ability of machinery products and metal materials. 2. Improve bonding strength of steel surfaces a

  • EPS Foam Hot Melting Equipment
    EPS Foam Hot Melting Equipment

    EPS Foam Hot Melting Equipment Description: 1. Twin shaft crushing blades, this machine adopts manual feeding, the material will be crushed by the twin shaft blades and conveyed to the barrel of the m

  • Automatic Pelletizing Machine
    Automatic Foam Pelletizing Machine

    Automatic Foam Pelletizing Machine: Foam pelletizing machine (automatic foam pelletizing machine) is also called foam granule machine. The complete set of equipment consists of three parts: foam pulve

  • EPS Styrofoam Recycling Compactor
    EPS Styrofoam Recycling Compactor

    Introduction to EPS Styrofoam Recycling Compactor: Qinfeng Machinery is just making the EPS styrofoam recycling compactor to solve this problem. It can reduce the size of the EPS STYROFOAM material, t

  • epe-foam-compactors-equipment-2
    EPE Foam Compactors Equipment

    Characteristics of EPE Foam Compactors Equipment: 1. This epe foam compactors equipment is simple, convenient, and adaptable machine, small footprint, suitable for various occasions on the EPS compres

  • EPE Foam Melter Machine
    EPE Foam Melter Machine

    EPE Foam Melter Machine: First with the crusher and the screen on this EPE Foam Melter Machine to get the small size of the material. Then after the material fall down into the screw, the main motor p

  • epe-foam-compactor-equipment-2
    EPE Foam Compactor Equipment

    Description of EPE Foam Compactor Equipment: 1. EPE foam compactor equipment saves costs for transport and landfill. 2. HEAVY DUTY pre-crusher available for thick and dense EPS from electronics and ot

  • epe-foam-hot-melting-machine-2
    EPE Foam Hot Melting Machine

    Features of EPE Foam Hot Melting Machine: 1. Reduce the storage space and transportation cost of EPS and widely used in factories, fishing ports, warehouse and supermarkets, etc. 2. Adopt screw compac

  • epe-foam-compactors-2
    EPE Foam Compactors

    Description of EPE Foam Compactors: 1. EPE Foam Compactors save costs for transport and landfill. 2. Save space and handling by dealing with the EPS in a quick and efficient manner. 3. Generate income

  • wasted-foam-recycling-technology-1
    EPE Foam Melting Machine

    Technical Characteristics for EPE Foam Melting Machine: 1. EPE foam melting machine all structures and parts are CE standard compliant. 2. Use reducer motor to drive the machine. 3. The module design

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