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EPS Compactor from Qinfeng

EPS Compactor can also understand polystyrene foaming machine. Its principle is to use spiral compression mechanism to compress the EPS foam into a block. When used, the operator as long as the bubble into the hopper, machine with shredded foam pieces broken. Then screw mechanism to small pieces of EPS foam extrusion into cross section for the compression of square block.

Features of EPS Compactor:

1.Compression ratio is big, the biggest can reduce capacity 50 times

2.Save storage space, save transportation and warehousing costs

3.The compressed  PS materials are easy to recycle

4.Large models can operate with the conveyor belt to improve production efficiency

This compaction can be used in several common forms, such as cold pressing, hot pressing, hot melt and hydraulic pressure. There is a pressure regulating device at the front of the compression section to adjust the compression ratio. According to the characteristics of raw materials, the compression ratio can be up to 30~40 times to reduce EPS volume. So as to facilitate long-distance transportation and reduce storage and transportation costs.