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  • Foam Compactor
    Precautions for Using a Foam Compactor in Winter

    Foam granulator, waste foam granulator: also known as foam granule machine. The foam granulator has a reasonable design, high degree of automation, high efficiency and energy saving without pollution.

  • EPS Compactor
    The Development Direction of the New Foam Compactor

    Now the foam compactor production line has been developed to the sixth generation. The new foam compactor production line has developed to the present day. Many customers do not understand the differe

  • Foam Compactor
    Effect of Temperature on Foam Compactor

    The foam compactor is a mechanical environmental protection device that presses the foam according to the principle of spiral rotation to compress the foam and compresses it. In addition to relying on

  • Foam Compactor
    How to Solve the Foam Compactor into the Stick

    Foam compactors may encounter problems of one kind or another during production. It is not terrible to encounter problems, and terrible things cannot be solved. In the process of production, the foam

  • Foam Compactor
    Lubrication and Maintenance of Foam Compactor

    Any machine needs to be protected and maintained at regular intervals, so that it can be produced more smoothly. There are also many types of foam compactors, such as a one-piece foam compactor, a spl

  • Foam Styrofoam Compactor
    Reasons for Uneven Particle Size in Foam Compactor

    When we are making foam compactors, sometimes the size and shape of recycled plastic particles are uneven, which causes the price of recycled pellets to be affected. Qinfeng foam granulation machinery

  • Foam Compactor
    Foam Compactor Description

    Foam compactor: double the foam volume and increase the density, which is beneficial to foam recycling and polyurethane foam landfill treatment. Foam compactor is divided into EPS foam compactor and p

  • Foam Compactor
    How to Solve the Problem of Making the Finished Product of Foam Compactor Machine

    Many customers are worried about the production of finished products while consulting the foam compactor machine. In fact, this customer does not have to worry too much. If you really can’t find

  • EPS Compactor
    High Quality EPS Compactor

    Quanlong is specialized in the foam industry and manufactures recycling systems that enable the EPS and many other foam materials to reuse as much as possible in their production. The waste foam can b

  • Styrofoam Compactor
    EPS Compactor is of Critical Help to the Recyclable Polystyrene

    EPS is a plastic foam used in many industries for a wide variety of reasons. EPS has countless applications as it is quite attractive, which makes it not only perfect for the packaging and delivery in

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