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EPP Compactor

EPP Compactor

Qinfeng Machinery is just making the EPP Compactor to solve this problem. It can reduce the size of the EPP STYROFOAM material, the compressing ratio can reach1:30-1:50. The finished products is the EPP STYROFOAM blocks, the density can reach 350kg/ m3. It is easy for the customer to deliver the EPP STYROFOAM material to another recycling processing unit.


The machine is mainly used for waste disposal, including: paper, EPP STYROFOAM (polystyrene foam), EPE and so on. The material through the mill to be ground into a powder compaction process.

EPP Compactor

Qinfeng Machinery is a Foam Compactor Machine manufacturer and supplier in China which can provide you with high quality of EPP Compactor.

CF-CP-150 EPP Compactor:


EPP Compactor
Model CF-CP-150
Capacity 50kg/h
Screw Diameter Φ138mm
Input Size 612mmx500mm
Screw rotation speed 30rpm
Crusher blade 10pcs
Crusher rotation speed 100rpm
Main motor 3kw
Crusher motor 1.1kw
Production size 100x100mm
Outline 1200x1000x1400
Weight 850kg

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