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CF-CP380 EPS Compactor

Through numerous experiments on the Styrofoam Compacting Machine and continuous improvement, to create a superior performance. EPS compactor is controlled unit is based on PLC automatic control system and a peripheral circuit performance is extremely reliable.

First with the crusher and the screen on this compactor to get the small size of the material, then after the material fall down into the screw, the main motor push the  material forward in the screw, meanwhile the hydraulic system on the mould head close to press the EPS material, the EPS material will come out by blocks, it can reduce 30-50 times space for the material, and easy to move an delivery. All the parts of the EPS Compactors we composed into one machine, save cost , power consumption, and space for the machine. The EPS blocks can be crushed again to process to the next unit.

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