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  • EPS Compactor
    Uses of EPS Compactor

    EPS Compactor Description: 1. Double shaft crushing blade. EPS compactor adopts manual loading, the material is crushed by double shaft blade and then conveyed to the barrel of the main machine throug

  • film squeezer
    Uses of Film Squeezer

    Film Squeezer Features: 1. Film squeezer is our newly designed machine, specially designed with spiral pressing. 2. The squeezer is especially suitable for plastic film, plastic bags, woven bags, jumb

  • Uses of EPS Hot Melting Machine
    Uses of EPS Hot Melting Machine

    EPS Hot Melting Machine Instruction: EPS hot melting machine uses a single shaft crushing blade with eight blades fixed on the shaft. The blades on the blade shaft are staggered, the blades are evenly

  • Features of Styrofoam Compactor
    Features of Styrofoam Compactor

    Styrofoam Compactor Description: Styrofoam compactor is widely used in various industries because of its thermal insulation, shock resistance and anti-drop characteristics, and is often named styrofoa

  • shredder machine
    Shredder Machine

    Shredder Machine Instruction: Shredder machine is a must-buy for plastic recycling. No matter you are dealing with injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion and blow molding, you would face plastic

  • Uses of Pelletizing Machine
    Uses of Pelletizing Machine

    Uses of Pelletizing Machine: What is the Uses of pelletizing machine? Pelletizing machine form pellets of uniform size, shape and weight for handling or metering. A variety of materials need to be pro

  • Features of EPS Compactor

    Features of EPS Compactor Instruction: 1. Body color: regular silver white, other colors can also be ordered according to your requirements. 2. Mechanical structure: EPS Compactor is made by welding p

  • Foam Hot Melter Machine
    Foam Hot Melter Machine

    Foam Hot Melter Machine Main Features: 1. Foam hot Melter machine can improve the corrosion resisting ability of machinery products and metal materials. 2. Improve bonding strength of steel surfaces a

  • EPS-melter
    Use of EPS Melter

    Use of EPS Melter Instruction: The EPS melter is an instrument that transfers the heat of the heating plate to the welding surface of the upper and lower plastic heating parts by electric heating meth

  • EPS compactor
    Operation of EPS Compactor

    Operation of EPS Compactor Instruction: Qinfeng Machinery makes EPS compactor can reduce the size of the EPS material and introduces the operation of EPS compactor to you. The cold press shall meet th

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